Chiropractic and Extremity issues.

As a chiropractor, I often hear people asking me about issues involving their neck and back.  These are issues I love to help patients with, but often they do not realize we can help with many different issues and areas of the body as well. In this post, I am going to focus in on extremity.  The two main issues I hear people complaining of are pain in the joints or radiating pain that affects the joint and joints down stream in changes in pain or sensation.  The pain in the joints can be coming from several different issues, but often is coming form misalignment or reduced movement of the bones that make up that joint.  Just like in the spine those joints can be adjusted and through doing so restore motion and function and thus reduce pain.  Almost any where there are two bones touching there can be issues and they can often be adjusted.   The radiating symptoms are most often a result irritation on nerves.  If you have ever hit your funny bone you know you can hit a nerve in your elbow and have symptoms in  your hand.  This just demonstrates how nerves can transmit sensations but also that the sight of the symptom is not always the source of the issue. It is important to find the exact spot of nerve irritation to correct the issue.   The nerve interference can be occurring at the the joint, at the muscles before the joint, or what is the cause in many cases the spine.  At Wilson Family Chiropractic we are experts at finding the the exact cause and have technique for dealing with the issue no matter where the interference is.  We have specialized muscle techniques along with adjustments for the spine and extremities.